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Building Green

Riverdell takes the time to ensure each and every space within our custom homes is warm and inviting. Aesthetics are what our customers see from the onset, but efficiency is what they enjoy daily. Our homes are designed for maximum efficiency with green initiatives inherent at every turn. Sustainable building practices provide value, health and comfort that enable a better future. Our homes use less energy through a combination of proven energy-efficient equipment and building practices.

Our building projects are certified ENERGY STAR.  This certification assures our clients that we have met rigorous energy efficiency standards set by ENERGY STAR and have adhered to the necessary guidelines for healthier indoor air, energy efficiency, environmental responsibility, and resource efficiency.

By “building green” we incorporate sustainable practices and resources in every home wherever possible. This includes reclaimed siding, sustainable forest products, engineered wood products, sustainable flooring, recycled construction debris, smart use of building materials, protecting the environment around the job site, and advising owners of the choices they have. Eco friendly house designs are our specialty.

Riverdell Construction’s green homes use less energy through a combination of proven energy efficient equipment and building practices
Some of our green-building practices include:
  • Geo-Thermal heat source
  • Passive solar heat
  • High efficiency water heater
  • High efficiency heat pump
  • Tightly-sealed and performance-tested duct systems
  • Energy Star qualified windows
  • Energy Star qualified Appliances
  • Energy Star qualified Lighting
  • Spray Foam insulation in walls and attic
  • Blown-in-Batt System for walls
  • Taped and sealed moisture barrier installed before siding
What you can expect with ENERGY STAR certification:
  • A Better Future- Using less energy to heat, cool, and power your home helps reduce emissions that damage our environment.
  • Healthier Indoor Air-Performance tested duct systems help keep the air inside your home clean, and improved ventilation helps minimize moisture problems.
  • Comfort- Enjoy a home that has even temperatures throughout…warm in winter, cool in summer…and that is free from drafts.
  • Savings- Energy Star homes are a good investment, keeping more money in your pocket every month.
  • Peace of Mind- Relax knowing that an independent third party has inspected and certified your home to be energy efficient. High efficiency furnace or heat pumps.